How to purchase:

Send me an email with the name of the piece that you like at the following address and I'll get back to you quickly with anything you'd like to know, including framing, price, and shipping:
(Like most people in the digital age, I check my email compulsively, so I'll normally get back to you quickly.)


I do paint commissions. I work with the customer to develop an idea and a design that we both feel really good about, usually by sending sketches and drawings by email. I won't go past this stage until both parties are happy: I prefer to have happy customers and I do much better work if I'm excited about the project.

Once we've agreed that the design is something that we both really want to see become a reality, I require a 1/3 non-refundable deposit and then I begin work on the piece. I keep the customer up to date with the progress, and send a good quality photo once it's done. When the paint's dry enough for shipping and I've received the final payment, it'll be on its way.


I can ship to anywhere in North America, and potentially to other parts of the world as well. My paintings are done on plywood and are therefore quite durable and hold up to shipping very well. I normally add a small shipping fee to cover my costs on to the total price, but I can only determine that fee at the time of order since it depends so much on the size and destination of the painting.